Symantec Endpoint Protection versions and builds

(**Updated for SEP 12, see here: LINK**)

I’m a big fan of the SEP AV product but keeping up with which build number = which version description is a pain. Unfortunately you have to do this to keep the product updated as Symantec only references the version descriptions on their download site.  The client itself only references the build number. For example, build 11.0.6100.645 = Release Update 6a + Maintenance Patch 1 (RU6 MP1). So in order to update your client from 11.0.6005.562 to 11.0.6100.645 you would need to know that you are currently running Release Update 6a (RU6a) and need to update to RU6 MP1.
Luckily Symantec put together a decoder KB that appears to be regularly updated.
Maintenance Release 4 + Maintenance Patch 2 (MR4 MP2)
Client and Manager:
Release Update 5 (RU5)
Client and Manager
Release Update 6 (RU6)
11.0.6000.548 (Windows)
11.0.6000.0162 (Macintosh)
Release Update 6a (RU6a)
11.0.6005.562 (Windows only)
Release Update 6a + Maintenance Patch 1 (RU6 MP1)
11.0.6100.645 (Windows)
11.0.6100.0179 (Macintosh)
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