Hi computersplace.net thieves!

CP is a fraudulent website that subscribes to and scrapes content from RSS feeds, then republishes them in their entirety. Mine and many others. Republishing other's work 100% without permission is stealing. This sad little website is built completely from stolen content. What’s worse is that they receive adsense revenue thanks to content they’ve stolen from me (and others). Look, they even have a word randomizer that changes specific words like FAST to QUICK. “Exit the Quick Lane”. Brilliant.
I encourage you to visit computersplace.net and feel free to leave an angry comment if you like. :)


 I reported these thieves to google, since CP uses adsense, and fully expecting no action, google has gotten them to take down all posts republished from my blog. I encourage anyone else who has their feeds being republished by CP, to open a complaint with Google Adsense. It will take a very long time but they will eventually take action!

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