Managing printer deployment and driver installation for non-administrative users

Previous to Windows 7/ Server 2008 R2, regular users could only install OS included or digitally signed print drivers. Anything else would require an administrator account to perform the installation. You could create a deployment package via SMS/SCCM or KBox but deploying via GPO is so much easier. I have 2 Canon Image Runners (fiery) whose drivers require administrative rights to install.

To set this up I first created a new GPO that I will assign to my internal user OUs. Under User Configuration navigate to \Policies\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Printers and modify the Point and Print Restrictions policy item. Set it to enabled and change the 2 options dealing with driver installation to “Do not show warning or elevation prompt.”


Now go to your print server or open the print management console. Find the printer you want to deploy to your users, right-click and select deploy with group policy. Browse to find the GPO you just created, select “The users that this GPO applies to (per user), and click Add, then OK.  While you can also deploy to machines, this keeps things simple since our driver installation GPO settings target the user.


You will see confirmation that the printer deployed and if you refresh your GPO you will see the printer(s) you deployed under Printer Connections. Link the GPO to the proper OUs, force replication on your DCs, issue a gpupdate to your desktops and like magic the printer and driver will just appear on your clients. No log off or reboot required. Best of all they won’t see any prompts for the installation of the driver.




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