A year later

Almost a year has gone by since my procedure and I'm still 100%. Time flies... My vision feels completely organic and like "it should be". No blurries, no halos, doubles, no problems with dryness. Everything is as it should be. I plan to go to another independent ophthalmologist to get the clean bill of health, but I can honestly say that I've got no problems to report. :) I'll be curious to see if I'm still at 20/15 or if my vision has settled to 20/20. My distance clarity and near-sight are fantastic. Lasik, for me, was worth every penny.
My wife is undergoing the same procedure later this month and she's ecstatic. She got even a higher guarantee from Boothe who told her that she is >the< ideal candidate. Exactly what you'd want to hear! I'll report back the results from her experience as well.

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