My wife's lasik experience

Well...Her experience was interesting. to say the least. Let me preface this by saying that she is doing fine and I think her vision is improving faster than mine did. She'll find out tomorrow what her new eyes are capable of. Most of her time behind the door was similar to mine. The same tests, the same pre-work, the same valium. As soon as she got into the OR is when it got interesting. Apparently Boothe had some contractors he was using for technicians. Well something happened and they didn't show today as he was expecting. Boothe was furious and made no attempt to hide his rage, even in front of an ACTIVE OR!! My wife said he was dropping profanities left and right. "F__king bulls__t", "I want them all fired", etc. She and a few other people hear this maniac's tirade as they're waiting their turn to go on the Intralase machine. Can you imagine? Once on the Intralase machine, there is a lot of bumbling around as part of the "tupperware" doesn't attach correctly and falls off the machine. She said it hurt incredibly bad on both eyes once they got it clamped. There was not even the slightest attempt at care. She even told them they were hurting her. I don't remember if Boothe manned this machine for my procedure but apparently he did for her's. This is just what you'd want, a furious out-of-touch, primadonna MD throwing a tantrum right before he cuts your EYES open. Like I told her, luckily the machines weren't angry! He couldn't get her eye lined up right and got frustrated with her, telling her to move her eye down. He wasn't satisfied with any move she made and someone eventually positioned her chin to meet the requirement. She said his assistants did seem very nice.

Once she made it to the Lasik machine, she could still hear this fool carrying on about his soon to be ex-subordinates. Luckily Boothe actually does very little in the entire procedure, which might also point to why he's so out of touch. He's basically a machine operator behind the conveyor belt of an assembly line. All the coordinates are pumped into his various machines and they do all the work. All he really does (by my estimation anyway) is pull the pre-cut corneal flap back so the laser can correct the eye. He then lays the flap back down, irrigates, and installs a contact bandaid. 3 thousand please! I witnessed questionable behavior by him during my visit but nothing like this. She must have been terrified! I was, just listening to the story. She will go to the followup sessions, afterall we've already paid for them, but I can no longer in good faith recommend Dr. William Boothe MD of Plano, TX. This disgraceful display of unprofessionalism in front of waiting patients in an OR of all places is beyond unacceptable. His machinery is top notch and he's done a bunch of surgeries but go somewhere else, seriously. You as a patient would never experience anything remotely close to this in any normal doctor's office. If this had happened in a hospital he would be on his way to losing his privleges to the facility!

Dr Boothe, I hope 2009 is a very difficult year for you and I will never again recommend anyone to visit your clinic.

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