A note about supplies

The following list was prescribed and recommended by Dr. Boothe. Your doctor's orders may be different.

Zylet - I received a prescription and a sample of this every time I visited the clinic. Not knowing how much of this I'd actually use I filled the prescription which cost $25. In hindsight this was a complete waste as the samples were more than enough. I have 1 unopened sample and a 3/4's full vial from the pharmacy.

Vigamox - same as above with the same out of pocket cost. The samples are the same size that the pharmacy will give you. Again, a complete waste to fill this prescription.

Sustane Tears - The key here was to obtain high quality tears that are preservative free and in individual vials to avoid contamination as you use these more than any other drop. I paid ~$10 per box of 28 vials and bought 4 boxes. On day 7 following doctor's orders to the letter up to this point I have 1 unopened box and 8 vials remaining. I don't yet know if I'll need the 4th box but I probably would have been ok with only 3.
No I used every bit of all 4 boxes, got another sample from doc, and still may need more. :-/

Genteal ointment - $10 over the counter at Walgreens. No way around this one for night time dryness protection.

Lotemax - This routine goes for 4 weeks following the Zylet, each week decreasing in number of drops per instillation. I have 1 sample and am tempted to see if I can make it stretch. If I can make it through the next 10 days then I'll ask for another sample when I go to my follow up.

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