My Lasik experience - Day 1 after surgery

I drove myself to AM follow up to get contacts removed. These contacts are seriously bugging me and remind me an awful lot of what wearing corrective contacts used to feel like. Also reminds me of why I stopped wearing contacts! The wait to get these out is agonizing!!! I finally get put in an opthalmology room and wait another 20 min for Boothe to come in. He takes each contact out with a pair of surgical tweezers, no pain. Rubs some yellow schmutz on both eyes then looks at them with the light scope. I read the chart and am confirmed to be 20/20 with both eyes, 20/20 in my right alone, and not quite there yet with my left. Tells me to switch to 3 hr intervals for the zylet/ vigamox and use tears every 15-30 mins. Also wants me to pick up some Genteal ointment for overnight. I collect a t-shirt, set my next follow up for this coming Wednesday and I'm on my way. Vision is still a bit fuzzy today but overall very good. No issues with dryness or pain. My eyelashes are seriously getting gunky so I've resorted to using a q-tip to VERY carefully wipe underneath my eyes to collect the most heinous of build-ups. I had a hard time getting the Genteal in my left eye before bed, kept hitting my eyelashes. Major buildup is occurring. Finally got enough in and tape my shields to my face.

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