My Lasik experience - Day 5

Eyes are back to being slightly itchy and irritated this morning. I gooped them up pretty heavy last night before bed. The red "bruising" from the intralase is starting to clear up with portions of white beginning to break through. Went to 5-day follow-up today and waited an hour before getting called back. The waiting room was packed. They did a couple of tests and the ophthalmologist (not Boothe) looked at my eyes through the light scope to make sure healing was on track. He said it looked "perfect." woohoo! I was able to read the 20/20 line a little better with my left eye but still wasn't crystal clear. Glad that picking my lashes didn't cause any problems. ;) My new drop schedule is to slowly phase out of the Zylet and Vigamox then into the Lotemax for several weeks. Genteal will continue and I'll be done with the goggles/ shields tomorrow.

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