2 week check up

Another visit to the Boothe clinic to see how my eyes are coming along. The healing is "perfect" but doc says my eye pressure is a little high which could be because of the Lotemax. I'm due back in another 2 weeks for another check. Tomorrow I switch to 1 x/ day Lotemax finishing up next Wednesday. So almost a full week afterwards I'll go for my follow up. I read the chart again but this time at 20/15!!!! Fantastic. Doc said I could try a night without the Genteal goop to see how it goes. I did it and it went fine! No dryness issues whatsoever. Really nice to be able to wake up without any residual blurriness so this is a treat. I find that I don't really need the tears at all anymore so I'll use them when I think of it just so I'm not going complete cold turkey. I feel "normal" again and the vision is excellent. Now I can say that I am really happy I did this! Although it will take 2 years for the flap to heal, I don't do contact sports so I'll be ok. WOOT!

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