Tomorrow’s the big day…

So, it just so happens that I left Godaddy a few months ago just because I finally got sick of their terrible pricing and misleading terms. Not only that but their site is intentionally obtuse, they try to cleverly pad sales with extras and make it difficult to disable auto-renewals. There was a time when they were THE go-to domain registrar but those days are long gone. Better pricing alone should be incentive to switch registrars.

Coincidentally, GoDaddy’s recent blatant and arrogant support of the federal internet censorship bill – Stop Online Piracy Act, “SOPA” caused the outrage of the internets who called for a boycott. GoDaddy has lost tens of thousands of domains already and has since reversed their position on SOPA as a result, but the boycott will proceed regardless., a far superior and less expensive registrar, is offering a transfer special in honor of the boycott. Coupon code: SOPASUCKS

If you have domains to renew anyway or need a reason to get away from godaddy, there you go…


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